The Absorption Process of Business Management Term English to Indonesian

Subject            : Business English 2
Groups            :  1. Arie Dwi Putra                  (11210036)

                                2. Bayang Dwi Fahrizal        (11210338)

                               3. Hans Elbert                        (13210129)

                              4. Richo Priambodo              (15210885)




In the current era of globalization, more local Indonesian companies entering into the world market, and more international companies enter the local market, the use of English became the language of “business” to be a necessity. In addition, the look of the case where negotiations often fail because a misunderstanding with prospective foreign partners, the work was delayed because of stammering communication with the client from another country or a job application at a foreign company rejected because the English language skills and a lack of employment opportunities of international cooperation canceled because the companies can not provide an employee that can speak English.

To master the English language with good teaching and learning process should emphasize to the aspects of training (Trial and Error) so it will be actively involved in the expression or idea  according to real conditions. Basically mastery of the English language consists of listening, writing, speaking and reading. With good English language skills, will open a lot of opportunities to obtain a good job, especially in multinational companies that did require good English language skills to expand relationships in the international world because English is the language of international relations in general and useful to be able to compete in the era of globalization.

An understanding of the English language is not just how to speak and the selection of appropriate vocabulary, but also how the translation in Indonesian. This is due to Indonesian since the beginning of its growth is open to the absorption of foreign vocabulary which is a consequence of contact that occurs between human languages. Absorption of foreign words based on the need to meet and provide a means to communicate. The process of absorption of foreign words have lasted hundreds of years ago. Many loanwords which later became part of the vocabulary of Indonesian.

Loanword is a word that is derived from other languages ​​(local language / foreign language) then spelling, pronunciation, and writing suited to the narrative of the people of Indonesia to enrich vocabulary. Every community has the way language is used to express ideas and feelings, or to mention or refer to objects in the environs. Until at the time, the words generated by the deal itself is generally sufficient public purpose, but when there is a relationship with another language community, it may be an idea, a concept, or a new item that comes from outside the culture.

Departure from the development of science and technology and the demands of more advanced age and modern, it takes a mastery of English language skills, especially as a means of international communication. It is intended that we as citizens of Indonesia are able to compete in the international arena and able to socialize with people in a free market.And many opinions that say that learning English is very important for anyone. Both young and old. Ranging from school children, ordinary people, workers, employers, students, and even housewives.

The analysis used is descriptive qualitative analysis where the data used is a business management term from English to Indonesian which is international usage. Data used secondary data sourced from the internet ( ), which is a dictionary term management and financial terms in the dictionary gathered from several sources such as Bank of Indonesia, Bapepam, Bappepti, Badan Pusat Statistik, and the Insurance Council of Indonesia.



  1. The Absorption with Adjustment of Spelling and Pronunciation


No Resource Language Target Language
1 Deflation Deflasi
2 Contract Kontrak
3 Capitalism Kapitalisme
4 Deviezen Devisa
5 Variable Variabel

In the contract term is absorbed into the kontract, prefix-co in the source language is converted to prefix-ko in the target language. The capitalism term is absorbed intokapitalisme, the suffix-sm on in the source language with the suffix-sme in the target language.

  1. The Absorption with Adjustment of Spelling without Adjustment of Pronunciation


No Resource Language Target Language
1 Deficit Defisit
2 System Sistem
3 Macro Makro
4 Credit Kredit

The term deficit is absorbed into defisit, letter / c / in the source language is converted to  / s / in the target language. The term macro is absorbed into the makro, letter / c / in the source language is converted to / k / in the target language.

  1.  The Absorption with Adjustment of Pronunciation without Adjustment of Spelling



No Resource Language Target Language
1 Bank Bank
2 Program Program
3 Margin Margin
4 Bonanza Bonanza

The terms used in the source language into the target language absorbed without changing the spelling. Absorption is only done on the adjustment pronunciation.Absorption term business management from English to Indonesian as adaptation based on spelling and pronunciation systems of Indonesian in order to become good language.



The loanwords increasing the riches of Indonesian vocabulary. However, absorption or borrowing foreign words will also cause confusion, doubt, or error. From the examples above it is clear that affect the use of the English language vocabulary and structure even Indonesian. Many words change. The changes that occur, can sometimes cause confusion in its use. In fact, the use of Indonesian and English are often combined in a series of sentences. It happens so that people who use it will look more modern.

The absorption can increasing the Indonesian vocabulary. This is certainly going to be easier for us to interact specifically with other countries. However, absorption of the vocabulary should not be taken for granted. In the absorption process must be done selectively, so that the characteristics of Indonesian will not be lost

It is expected that the socialization of intensive Indonesian term that the identity of the Indonesian vocabulary is not eroded by the vocabulary of a foreign language, so that the expected future discourse that there is no longer a foreign language vocabulary more familiar to users than the Indonesian own.







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